Did you know that Zinc is one of the minerals that men should take daily? The National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends that men consume 8-11mg of zinc in their daily diet.  A shortage in zinc can lead to underdeveloped growth, diarrhea, sexual impotence, hair loss, eye and skin wounds, diminished appetite, and weakened immunity. The body does not naturally produce zinc but it can easily be found in foods like oysters (78.6mg), wheat germ (16.7mg), beef (12.3 mg) and pumpkin and squash seeds (10.3mg).


On the other hand zinc does help with many bodily processes from producing DNA, to repairing cells, and even helping to sleep better at night. Men especially require zinc to maintain prostate health, testosterone levels and overall sexual health.


Men's Health magazine has called zinc "the ultimate sex mineral" because this mineral impacts a man's potency, fertility and sex drive. Zinc is vital for sperm production. Low levels of zinc can cause a decrease in semen volume and testosterone levels. Interestingly, each ejaculation can disburse up to 5 milligrams of zinc, nearly half of a man's daily allowance. It’s recommended that a little extra zinc could help boost fertility for men planning to start a family.


Zinc is found in every bodily organ, tissue and cell, and with men, the prostate has more zinc than any other tissue except bone. Having some extra zinc in the diet can help to decrease the chance of getting prostate cancer.


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