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There are many reasons why we really like this product but the main one is trust. Irexis has sold probably over 10 million pills. That’s 10,000,000!!!. Imagine for a second…how many sexual encounters that is? LOL!!! The company was formed in 2001 and makes lots of products and companies don’t stick around and grow on the internet for 12 years if they don’t offer a good product (think AOL,, If you’re not good you won’t exist; 10 million and counting, 12 years in business… we like those numbers.

Let’s get to the product.


Irexis is designed and guaranteed to offer:

  • Bigger Harder Stronger Erections
  • Greater Control of Orgasm
  • Better Sex Drive and Stamina
  • And You Will Feel It Working Within 20 Minutes

So what exactly are they using to get this done? The following is a list of the key ingredients:

Key ingredients:
  • Yohimbe
  • Muira Puama
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Oyster Extract
  • L-arginine

$49.99 for one 30 blister packed box of tablets or $99 for 3 blister packed box (thats a bargain), The fact that they have sold so many, 10,000,000 and counting , helps you get a good deal and the company is still flush with success. Also, the company money back guarantees even the first box so you don’t even have to worry about price at all.

  • One of the first and longest sellers of male enhancement in the business; Established 2001
  • FDA Approved Labs
  • Excellent customer service, answered by their own people not a service
  • Ingredients fully inspected for freshness along with stringent quality control
  • 90 day money back, no quibble guarantee
  • Their offices are in New York, so get ready for real New York accents by their able staff.

We love it.!!!! It’s strong and it will give you the kick you need to make your love life (or your sex life) better. Your erection will be bursting if you’re like the hundreds of thousands of customers who have bought and used Irexis, making this company a success. They also are easy to get on the phone, so there’s no risk. Buy it, use it, and enjoy it. At least visit their site and see what they have to say.

Irexis Reviewed by Mens Trends on 2018-9-22 . Rating: 96%

Recommended Product

Irexis™ is one of the most reputable male enhancement supplements of its category. The labs are federally inspected, customer service is superbly attentive, and the product is backed by a full money back guarantee.

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