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Irexis Editor’s Review

Irexis is our choice for the top rated product.* After analyzing numerous categories and qualifiers, Irexis rated tops for just nearly every category.* We feel confident in electing Irexis as the Top Rated Male Enhancer Pill.*

The top 3 qualifiers that influenced our decision were:

  1. Formula
  2. Quality Control
  3. Customer Service
1. The Irexis formula

The makers of Irexis actually include a product label on the official website. While is seems so basic, shockingly very few supplement manufacturers disclose the product label or bury it deep within the site. Mens-Trends.com finds it difficult to award high points to manufacturers who resist putting the complete supplement facts on their websites. In any event they use a very powerful ingredient.

In terms of sexual enhancement, Irexis is used to promote a better erection, and increase libido.* Research has shown it to be effective in increasing penile blood flow.

Irexis is manufactured in a facility that follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines. GMP facilities help assure quality supplement products to ensure safety.

2. Quality control

Irexis is manufactured by Lab88, one of the most enduring male supplement companies around. Their lab facility that formulates and produces Irexis is an enormous space of more than 30,000 sq feet that has been granted an FDA certificate for CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). You can eat off the floors!

3. Customer Service

All calls are answered by Lab88 staff or specially trained after-hour customer support center representatives during office hours. The people that answer the phones have been trained to also pack and ship, they work hand and hand with the warehouse staff so when you call they can answer your questions. That’s an innovative idea. Sounds so simple but, wow, they know what you’re asking when you ask a question. They also work nearby the formulator so they can get you answers quick!!

They are friendly, they are, smart and they are located right here in the USA. Irexis has 24/7 service as they have a call service located about 10 miles from their facility trained by the formulators. They have been with them for over 8 years. Customer service here is superb!


Irexis is a potent male enhancement formula that may be even too advanced for some users – the question is: Are you man enough to use Irexis? * Irexis is our top pick by far.*

Recommended Product

Irexis™ is one of the most reputable male enhancement supplements of its category. The labs are federally inspected, customer service is superbly attentive, and the product is backed by a full money back guarantee.

Do not hesitate to order this product. Click to learn more.Click to visit official site.
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Irexis Reviewed by Mens Trends on 2018-9-22 . Rating: 96%

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